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The Story of Flying Robert

When the rain comes down a-dash,
When the storms the meadows lash,
Boys and girls stay snug at home
Preferring to let others roam;
But Robert thinks, "Ah, me, It's just the time outside to be!"
And so, umbrella'd safe and sound,
Takes to the fields and slops around.

My! how shrieks the windy storm,
And how the big tree bows its form!
Hoho! the 'brella's caught the breeze,
And Robert sails above the trees!
Above the houses, church and steeple,
And out of sight of all the people!
Above the clouds he spins at last,
His hat is gone, and he's aghast!

And so he sails and sails and sails,
Through banks of murky clouds, and wails,
And weeps and mourns, poor draggled rat,
Because he can't o'ertake his hat.
Oh, where on high can that hat be?
When you find out, pray come tell me.

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